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Paras Public School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which is a senior secondary school.
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Principal’s message​

Dr. Sreejata Datta

Dr. Sreejata Datta (Principal)

Paras school with over Five years of experience and engagement in education has always aimed at providing the best quality education. We are committed to providing a progressive education system that steers the holistic education of a child. While we strive to groom our students to enable them to turn into excellent professionals and achievers, we also aim to nurture them as ethical individuals with a deep understanding and regard for human values. Put simply, we aim to develop a future generation that takes pride in our heritage and culture, has a sense of right and wrong, and at the same time a yearning for global competitive excellence.

Sincerely, Principal’s

“The greatest happiness is to transform your feelings to action”

“With warm wishes and God’s blessings”

Paras Public School provides the atmosphere for study and creativity. At PPS we pledge to make every effort to take the student on a voyage of self-discovering and of learning. Teacher’s at PPS will not only be a source of wisdom and knowledge, but will also be role models and mention They are trained to help students combine their The aim of the school is to develop among its public all round abilities as individuals as well as team players, by exposing them to diverse fields of many activities.
According to academic analyses, the youth of the future generations is going to be more prone to violence and deviant behavior.
Learning is not a process limited to schools and colleges only, nor does it end with the conclusion of one’s school career. It is indeed a lifelong process. This school is oriented to the total information of a child and to adaptations of various methods suiting the dynamics of changing world in order to achieve common goals& objectives. It is further characterised by shared vision- responsibility and above all, love and faith in God in order to achieve their goals.
All the people of fine character live by their values. Character creates self-respect , which in turn leads to high self esteem . Maturity is reflected in all aspects of character the decisions we make , the friends we choose and the responsibilities we accept. Always remember to uphold the dignity people. Be always ready to give preference to other. What you are is God’s gift to you. What you become is your gift to god. Have something to live for Bring out the best in you. scholastic achievements with the life skills essential for success.This deteriorating trend is a matter of great concern to parents as well as teachers.