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At Paras Public School we comprehend those kids come from various foundations and along these lines must be dealt with at various levels. The correspondence between the student and the teacher at the level of the former serves to fabricate a solid connection between the two that establishes a superior learning climate in the study halls. The understudy admires the instructor with veneration and takes the expression of the educator as the gospel. The teacher accordingly should attempt to satisfy the hopes of the understudy. I feel pleased that our educators understand this and acknowledge a similar earnestly. The point of the school isn’t just the exchange of the educational plan however we pleased ourselves in dominating in other co-academic exercises like Music/dance/Sports and many other extra curriculum activities.  Instructing through Smart Boards and different cutting-edge preparing helps becomes powerful and fascinating however anything can supplant the teacher’s individual compatibility with the students.

Exceptional Laboratory for General Science is functionary for the understudies of class VI X where youngsters are presented to the useful information. For class XI XII the school has independent Labs for performing practical in different subjects. The Laboratories are updated each year in the start of the academics.

Bestowing of IT education is required for each school to keep students side by side with the cutting-edge advances. The cbse schools in noida is delicate to satisfy the necessity by setting up exceptional IT Labs both for junior and senior area Students. Notwithstanding those youngsters are educated through savvy sheets which are introduced in each class.


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Our History

Established in 2011, Paras Public School, Greater Noida West is the dream of Paras Group Chairman / Director Mr. B.S. Nagar. & Mr. Yograj Nagar. They aimed to immortalize the school & to provide the students with the sound education unheared of before. His innovative mission reached the pinnacle of success due to the detailed execution of plans.

Directors Message

I ran over this astonishing
statement out of nowhere when I was searching for some data in the web and
acknowledged how important it is for us all: Students, Parents and Teachers.
There will never be any point in the existence of an individual when he can
pause for a moment and say. There is something else to learn, I can unwind with
the soothing idea that the universe around me is very easy to read. I know


Education isn’t just with regards
to the subjects that are learnt and educated in school. Becoming taught isn’t
confined to being in school and afterward in school, gathering testaments and
feeling glad for oneself. Our School Paras is one of The Best CBSE School Greater Noida West A protracted exercise can be fantastically
interesting if by some stroke of good luck we wish to hop onto the train of
involvement and go on an outing to each possible put on the earth. Presently we
realize that this is impossible in a real sense, so how would we oversee it,
first in school and afterward as we happen through the excursion of life?


To start with, we as a whole must
be in total agreement: Students, Teachers and Parents need to comprehend that
schooling isn’t limited to illustrations instructed in the classroom from Syllabus.
Parents and Teachers should urge students to pose however many inquiries as
they can. For it is in needing to realize that will result in really getting to


The hunger for information isn’t
confined to the youngster. It is likewise fundamental for a parent and an
educator to continue to add to their own insight bank by keeping their eyes and
ears open and by perusing however much as could be expected and guaranteeing
that youngsters foster these propensities too.


My message to the Principals,
Staff, Students and regarded Parents of Somerville Schools is to commit this
year to a right comprehension of what instruction truly means and let us all
advantage from this arrangement.